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I was hooked on coffee for a long time, and in some way, I still am. I needed coffee to start and end my day. The day I reduced my daily consumption of coffee and other caffeine-related beverages, that’s when I began to notice positive changes.

This is not a coffee-bashing site. However, I do want to provide information based on my research and personal experience to help people make decisions. Even if you’re drinking one cup less of coffee a day, you’re on the right path. I don’t see myself ever giving up coffee altogether, but I do love not dealing with the caffeine jitters as often.   

Dejittr.com was created out of frustration of not being able to find enough unbiased coffee alternative information. I like getting an honest user-based perspective instead of always relying upon overly technical major health websites.

I also wanted to know what the daily overconsumption of caffeine, sugars, salts, and other additives were doing to us.

Wait wait… We do more…

We also focus on performance and focus-based products like energy drinks, hydration drinks, and ammonia-smelling salts. We are fascinated with human potential and finding the means to get there.

In an ever-growing competitive world, every edge counts, no matter how small. At Dejittr, we explore that edge!

With the support of a medical team, we took on the challenge to demystify labels and analyze the effects that additives have on us.

We made it a goal to find the answers most people overlook in their daily lives. We’re constantly seeking experts to elevate the quality of our content and give readers something trustworthy and easy to consume.

We explore some of the most popular beverages and foods in the market. We conduct all our own research, some taken from personal experience, and some gathered from public feedback.


There’s been a growing trend of sites using AI-written content. You won’t find that here. Our whole content team is made up of human writers that provide in-depth well, researched articles. Our revenue from advertising and several other sources allows us to pay our contributors a fair wage and to deliver high-quality content without any cost to you, the reader.

On the off chance you do find an error in one of our articles, please feel free to contact us at hello[@]dejittr[dot]com.

If you somehow stumbled onto our about us page, here is an article you should check out so you can get a sense of the type of content we write.

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Our Medical Pledge

Although we’re not a health-focused website, some of our topics step into the medical realm from time to time. When we do discuss health-related topics, we want to make sure we’re providing each person with credible factual information.

Our reviewers are diverse and made up of clinicians with extensive experience across the medical spectrum. We’re frequently improving our medical review process.

Although dejittr.com does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, we aim to be one of the most trusted sources of information on the internet, and we protect that claim with a sword and shield.

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