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Choosing the right gaming energy drink is vitally important to your health. From endurance to focus (as well as enjoying the taste), the right energy drink can help you achieve maximum performance.

In this easy-to-digest guide, I ranked and reviewed the 6 best powder-form energy drinks designed for gamers so that you can pick the best one for you:

  1. JuJu Energy (powder)
  2. Rogue Energy
  3. GFUEL
  4. Sneak Energy
  5. MIXT Energy
  6. Team Command
Energy Drink PowderBest FeatureBest For
JuJu Energy (powder)Enhances recall and focusGamers and athletes
Rogue EnergyUnapologetic gamer-friendly brandingThose who need a pre-workout or a pre-game pump
GFUELEase of availabilityThose who want to get a quick caffeine shot
Sneak EnergyLargest flavor rangeGamers and creatives who get bored of the same taste
MIXT EnergyInstant boostPeople who are previously accustomed to caffeine
Team CommandHealthy for long-term useThose who plan to consume energy drinks regularly

What Should Gamers Look for in an Energy Drink Powder Mix?

We gamers are a unique bunch, aren’t we? And energy drinks are no different. From the packaging to the ingredients to the “feel” they give us, here’s what you should be looking for when choosing your drink of choice:

  • Variety of flavors – The most significant benefit of energy drink powder is making your energy drink in non-standard flavors.
  • Stimulants – You should know which stimulants the drink contains aside from caffeine to tell if the beverage is better than coffee.
  • Holistic formula – Finally, you want to make sure that the ingredients in an energy drink are healthy.

Most Beneficial Ingredients

Energy drinks are more than just caffeinated soda: in some, there are additional ingredients that improve energy, alertness, and focus.

Although research is ongoing regarding the effects of energy drinks on the body, there has been little indication that they pose any severe health risks.

These are the most beneficial ingredients of energy drinks:

  • Taurine and Caffeine – These are the energy drink classics that are the bare minimum expected in the beverage. They give the signature boost of energy associated with energy drinks.
  • Vitamins A, B, C, and D – Vitamins are essential for the maintenance of healthy skin, hair, and bones. The more of these there are in an energy drink, the healthier it is overall.
  • Nootropics (Cognizin, Alpha GPC) – Where caffeine gives you energy, nootropics boost brain function. Nootropics are more important than caffeine for gamers.
  • Recovery Agents (long-chain amino acids) – Recovery supplements are more important for athletes than caffeine. Gamers should still look for them in their gaming beverage as they help the body combat fatigue breakdown.

Powder vs. Liquid Form Energy Drinks

Liquid-form energy drinks are usually carbonated and more expensive because they cost more to package.

Powder Energy Drinks can have the same ingredients minus the water and can be stored for a longer period and made at home.

By saturating energy drink powder in water and then adding sparkling water, you can mimic the taste of a canned energy drink.

What’s the Difference Between Gaming and Regular Energy Drinks?

Gaming energy drinks have more nootropics, while regular energy drinks have caffeine and taurine as the leading supplements.

Most gaming energy drinks have more caffeine than standard energy drinks and usually have zero sugar and minimal calories.

Are Gaming Energy Drinks Bad?

Gaming Energy drinks are bad if consumed too often within a day.

Gamers should not drink more than two servings a day and should space their energy drink intake by 4 hours.

Moreover, they should avoid stacking other caffeinated beverages, including coffee.

Best Powder Energy Drinks for Gaming

When gaming, your energy can drop like you wouldn’t believe. This can be dangerous if you end up dehydrated, and you certainly don’t want to pass out (like that time in the middle of Level 7 of Doom 2016!). The best powder energy drinks for gaming will help you avoid that…

Best for Online Gaming: JuJu Energy (powder)

JuJu Energy is one of the few powdered energy drinks that tastes incredible while boasting an overall healthy ingredient profile.

Technically, one can make an energy drink by adding caffeine to any juice mix. But JuJu Energy’s focus on balancing the proportions of different substances is crucial to making the beverage safer for long-term, consistent consumption.

Still, you cannot drink unlimited servings of JuJu Energy as caffeine should be consumed within a limit.

If you take a closer look at the ingredients of this drink, you’ll realize that it is geared towards gamers far more than gym-goers. For instance, the inclusion of Bacopa Monnieri doesn’t really turn the beverage into a pre-workout because the ingredient actually helps improve recall and focus.

(Both of these are required for gaming.)

You can make the most of having a sharp memory by taking notes of playthroughs so you can react when a specific situation arises. The reaction time is also aided by JuJu Energy, as it contains Alpha GPC. This supplement helps improve your alertness like caffeine, which is present in far higher quantities (135 mg).

Caffeine is the ‘wake me up’ substance usually found in coffee. It is tasteless, odorless, but far from effectless.

In the short run, you can get an incredible boost in alertness by consuming over 40mg of caffeine.

An espresso shot usually has 90 mg of caffeine, while JuJu energy has even more, coming in at 135 mg. This is normal for most energy drinks and has specific side effects. The main side effect of caffeine is that it can be dehydrating.

This is not a problem if you’re a physical endurance athlete, as water is a part of your minute-to-minute routine. But if you’re a gamer, you might forget to drink water for hours. Your kidneys might suffer if you drink an energy drink and forget to hydrate. JuJu energy offsets this (to a degree) with the inclusion of Himalayan salt.

The pink salt adds more flavor to the beverage while helping you retain water. Still, it is not enough to offset the water burden left by caffeine. Remember to keep a bottle of water around to keep yourself hydrated.

JuJu Energy has plenty of nootropics and stimulants, but caffeine overshadows everything. And when it wears off, you can see a visible difference in your performance. Generally, this takes around 4 hours, which should be enough for most athletes and gamers.

And given that you can safely consume two servings within 24 hours, JuJu Energy can sustain your focus and alertness for up to 8 hours of physically demanding or mentally-engaging tasks.

JuJu Energy has four primary flavors, and almost all of them are fruit-oriented. If you order a variety pack, you might not get bored of the taste. But after a while, the four flavors start to taste similar.

Still, the flavor aspect of this energy drink mix is better than many alternatives. You can add flavor syrup into the drink if you wish to alter its taste further. But at least initially, the flavors offered by JuJu Energy are all quite refreshing, which is why its Flavor-variety is considered a significant plus.

Almost every energy drink will have caffeine, which means no beverage is getting high points because it contains caffeine. But JuJu Energy’s gamer-focus stimulants make it one of the best energy drinks for anyone engaging in mentally-demanding tasks. Lutemax 2020, which was formulated to help people look at their screens without affecting their focus, is also one of its contents.

Energy drinks, in general, are expected to score above 7/10, but when one gets a 9/10, it is pushing the envelope on value. From stimulants that improve working memory to ingredients that increase reaction time, there are so many valuable contents in the JuJu Energy formula that a 9-point rating barely does it justice.

If you’re a gamer, 9-points on stimulant-front should be enough to make your buying decision. Taste can be a dealbreaker if it goes below 6, but this beverage has an excellent taste rating, leaving behind only the healthiness.

This beverage might not be the healthiest compared to organic fruit juice, but it is one of the most nutritional beverages as far as energy drinks go. It features antioxidants, vitamins B, C, and D, and Cordyceps Mycelium (which reduces the adverse effects of stress).

It is fair to say that this JuJu energy has a net-positive impact on a stationary gamer’s health. The public doesn’t judge energy drinks by their subtle healthy contents, though. But if you want to be in gaming for the long haul, you should care about the healthiness of what you consume. You might also want to check this post covering healthy alternative beverages for gamers.

Best Overall: Rogue Energy

Rogue Energy is loved by anime-fan gamers for its unapologetic fan service. It features the cat Waifus in its marketing.

Waifus, for the uninitiated, are 2D love-interest characters for real-life individuals. Whether you’re a fan of the imaginary anime girlfriend trope, you’ll find plenty to like about Rogue Energy.

One of the best things about Rogue Energy’s recent marketing is that it is sample-driven.

You can order free samples if you pay the shipping fee. In such marketing, the shipping fee is inflated to cover the cost of producing the samples. The business doesn’t make a profit on the transaction but doesn’t lose money either. Such a move is made by a company that is confident in getting potential customers to return.

Rogue Energy gets gamers to buy in after trying a sample by having a wide enough range of flavors. Even if you get three different flavors (the maximum you can get for free) as samples, there are nine flavors you have not tested. The curiosity, alongside effective products, gets customers to return.

The energy drink is powered by a trifecta of complexes, with each one addressing gamers’ different needs. The focus complex is crucial for gamers as it features ingredients like Alpha GPC and is meant to improve an individual’s ability to zone in on the mission or task at hand.

The energy complex features taurine and caffeine, which are energy drink classics.

Finally, the recovery complex makes the beverage more physical-fitness-friendly with bio-active contents that improve muscle recovery and growth.

Rogue Energy is incredibly well-priced for the wide variety you can order in a single pack (up to 5 flavors) and the complex formula that addresses all your energy, focus, and fitness-boosting demands.

The most significant drawback of Rogue Energy is that it is easy to overconsume.

Its ‘hydrate’ variety products are easy on your kidneys, but still, over-caffeinating can have adverse consequences. Aside from zero-caffeine gamer drinks, every energy drink has this drawback. If one is to consider disadvantages that apply exclusively to Rogue Energy, it would be hard to look past the anime waifu branding.

Theoretically, the contents of Rogue Energy would be excellent for CEOs, C-Level executives, and salespeople. All of these positions require high-paced decision-making and plenty of energy and focus. But it is hard to rock a tub of energy drink mix in a shaker with busty cartoon girls.

This ‘drawback’ only applies to being a brand carrier in public. If you game from home and don’t care about what people think, you might embrace it. Many gamers proudly stand by their Waifus and are publicly passionate about anime girls.

But anime girls alone don’t make you win at gaming. An energy drink has to offer a decent dose of energy and a boost in cognitive functions to become a public favorite. Reviewers have lauded the brand for having a product that genuinely bears fruit. It has a global average rating of 4.8/5 stars from over 8000 reviews and ratings.

Rogue Energy’s flavor variety goes beyond fruit and citrus and includes flavors that go along with milk and those explicitly formulated to improve water retention and reduce thirst.

You should always keep hydration in mind because activities that absorb your attention can take it away from self-care. Forgetting to drink water can result in poor health. Rogue Energy Hydrate is an excellent product to improve your water retention without drinking tasteless plain water.

One way the get the most out of Rogue Energy is to space your consumption four hours apart while using the hydration formula between the two energy-formula servings.

Alternatively, you can hydrate with coconut water while taking the energy mix at four-hour intervals.

The stimulant mix in Rogue Energy is far superior to most energy drinks, mainly due to its complex-based formula. For each of the goals (improving focus, boosting energy, and encouraging recovery), the recipe uses not one, but up to 5, different ingredients.

This stimulant mix is generally better than most energy drink mix formulae simply because it works for active gamers and gym-goers as well. In some instances, Rogue Energy can be used as a pre-workout alternative. It is, in fact, better than G Fuel at replacing pre-workout supplements.

Had Rogue Energy broadened its marketing, it could have been a far more popular beverage because of the recovery complex. But it mainly focuses on servicing gamers’ interests. For now, the way Rogue Energy handles its community, picks its sponsors, and brands itself, it does not seem like the company is interested in battling the gym supplement giants.

The recovery complex, then, doesn’t seem to be as much of a ploy to attract gym-goers, for whom waifu shakers would be dealbreakers anyway. The purpose of the recovery complex is to actually maintain the health of the consumers.

Given that most gamers don’t care about Beta-Alanine and L-Carnitine, their inclusion in the mix shows that the company cares about its customers.

Best Flavor Variety: GFUEL

GFUEL has the first-mover advantage in the energy drink mix space. It is an innovator and has the resources to constantly improve its products. On Amazon, GFUEL tubs usually get an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Its taste seems to be the most significant difference-maker as its customers seem to see the product as a cheaper energy drink.

GFUEL deserves a higher rating, which it would get if its customers explored the actual contents of the beverage. It has more caffeine than the average energy drink, but it also contains antioxidants that improve the overall well-being of its consumers.

The flavor variety of GFUEL is ever-expanding as the brand keeps developing new flavors and collaborates with anime studios to produce attractive tubs and customized shakers.

Its flavor variety is underrated because some of its classic flavors get the most coverage, and gamers buy the same flavors out of habit. For a new buyer, the actual breadth of the GFUEL product line can be awe-inspiring.

GFUEL outperforms most classic energy drinks but falls a little short of Rogue Energy when it comes to the stimulant mix. Where it features antioxidants and vitamins, Rogue Energy has far more Nootropics, and GFUEL is slightly above average in its stimulant mix.

If only it had at least two focus-enhancing and recall-improving ingredients aside from caffeine, it would have been the best energy drink mix. Overall, GFUEL is better than the average energy drink and can be healthier than most sugary coffee drinks. It doesn’t compare well against energy drink mixes that also contain nootropics.

If a cup of coffee is all you need to focus better, then GFUEL is for you. In case you need extra support, you should probably get Rogue Energy or JuJu Energy.

GFUEL’s greatest drawback is that it can lead to unintentional dehydration. And this is not absent from other energy mixes listed here. You have to take responsibility for your hydration.

For starters, you must not use GFUEL as water replacement. It is meant for gamers who like to consume no more than two servings a day and can remember to drink water (or an oral hydration drink) throughout their long gaming sessions.

Best for Creatives: Sneak Energy

Sneak is more of an energy drink for the people who create games than one for those who play them. Sneak Energy is positioned as the energy drink for creatives, and this segmentation is supported by its ingredient list.

If you’re having a tough time overcoming roadblocks in specific games, Sneak Energy can help you find a way to overcome the challenge. Aside from being formulated to inspire creative bursts, it is also designed to be consistent with a near-nature lifestyle. Sneak Energy is made of all-natural ingredients and features natural colors.

You can pair it with coconut water and nut milk to have an all-natural gaming beverage regiment. The milk can be used for calories, while coconut water can keep you hydrated. And Sneak Energy can be used two times a day to get a burst of energy and alertness.

The dehydration and jitteriness drawbacks of caffeine are present in this beverage and energy drink mix, so you have to make sure you have a hydration strategy. The taste range of Sneak Energy features over nine different fruit flavors, and for energy drink mixes, this is an average roster.

Its stimulant mix is decent but nothing to write home about.

Aside from taurine and caffeine, most additives and ingredients don’t qualify as stimulants.

They are relatively healthy, though.

Minerals and vitamins make up a significant portion of the ingredient chart, which is consistent with the product’s target market: creatives.

Overall, it is a decent energy drink option for gamers, but its brand community is oriented towards artists.

Best for an Instant Rush: MIXT Energy

Gaming energy drinks have gone beyond a single brand and have become a market segment. MIXT has solidified itself as the soluble energy drink solution for E-Sports. You’ll like that its formula emphasizes real-time playability and live focus over general energy.

It features a significantly larger dose of caffeine guaranteed to result in instant alertness. The stimulant mix as a whole is lacking with only vitamins and energy-boosting ingredients. Focus-inducing chemicals aside from caffeine are absent, as are recall-enhancing ones.

It has nine flavors, but like JuJu energy, all of them are fruit-driven and can start tasting the same after a while. The flavor range is fairly broad, and each tub contains 60 servings, nearly 50% more than GFUEL. This product outperforms GFUEL on many fronts but fails to hold a torch up to JuJu Energy.

Best for Long-Term Use: Team Command

From Cognizin to Zinc, Team Command Energy Drink has an impressive ingredient list making it stand out from other drink mixes. It is not a clone of G-fuel or JuJu Energy. It stands on its own as a healthy drink that also helps you focus.

Its Vitamin A and Vitamin C contents are similar to vitamin water products, while its caffeine content is close to Redbull.

In some ways, Team Command is similar to an energy drink diluted in vitamin water. The product comes in six (mostly citric) flavors. Team Command comes in cans and tubs and is the ideal beverage for gamers who love to play mentally-challenging games.


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